What is the Difference between Manual and Algorithm Penalty of Google ?

We all know that  Google used two types of  Penalties  .

Algorithms penalty and second one is manual penalty.
I have cover in this article   the difference between manual and algorithm penalty.
Manual and Algorithms Penalty

1. Algorithm Penalty:

Website or web Page Penalize by Penguin or Panda algorithms of Google  is called algorithm Penalty.
There are  lots of reason of penalization . Google Penguin algorithms works for  link profile and Google Panda algorithms  works for Quality content  .   these algorithms are automatically evaluate your website and link profile both.

2.  Manual Penalty:

 When the website or web page is penalized manually  through authorized person or employee of Google.  He or she will review your link profile and website both. so it was  called manual penalty.
If Google found some devious  techniques that you used for rank better of website then  you have chances to penalization.                     

Main difference between manual and algorithm penalty is -
when a website is penalized through algorithm then website  traffic will be suddenly downfall.
Only through traffic analysis we would be understand the algorithms penalty. There is no written message received from Google.

but when the website Penalize through manual Penalty  then  a written message received in website webmaster account and in that message the reason of penalty is explained .

Ankit Patidar

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