20 Black Hat SEO Techniques that you should avoid

Black Hat SEO is defined as the unethical tactics and techniques that are used to get higher search ranking. In other words the technique does not follow the Google Algorithms guidelines are known as Back Hat SEO.

Black hat SEO Techniques, encapsulated by spamdexing, entail manipulating how search engines perceive the relevance of a Web page in a way that is often inconsistent with the search engines' guidelines. Hidden text, cloaking, and blog comment spam are examples of black hat SEO.
By using black hat techniques, manipulating how search engine consider these sites are relevant to search queries. Cloaking, Keyword stuffing, hidden text, spammy backlinks are some Black Hat SEO techniques.
20 Black Hat SEO Techniques

20 Black hat Techniques and tactics to Avoid
Keywords StuffingKeyword stuffing is an unethical most popular on page black hat search Engine optimization technique.  It consists of overloading the content of a certain web page with keywords to make it more valuable for search engine spiders.
Keyword Stuffing Example

Cloaking is the technique by which it is possible to display two different pages to visitors and to Search Engine crawlers. Cloaking pages are does not appear to human beings.

SEO Coaking Technique

Hidden Text
 Hidden text is textual content which visitor doesn’t see .but still readable by search Engine crawlers. Major of search Engine consider hidden text as spam.
Hidden Text created by two ways-
•    Making text or links that the same color as the background of the website
•    Creating an image as the text and setting that image as the background image.
Hidden Text

 Doorway Pages/ Gateway Pages
Doorway pages or gateway pages are web pages that are created for spamming the index of a search Engine by inserting result for particular phrase with the purpose of sending the visitors to different pages.
These pages also know as bridge pages, jump pages, Gateway pages, entry pages. Doorway Pages are redirect visitors to different pages without their knowledge by using javascripts and redirect.

Doorway Pages/ gateway Pages
Paid Links
 Purchase the links for increase the popularity and ranking is also comes under the black hat SEO. Buy directory, sponsored links are some paid links examples.

Link Wheel
A link wheel is any group of websites that all hyperlinks to every other site in the group. Link wheel is also known as link farming.  In other words we can say that link farm is a network of few of number of websites that link each other. Link farm is an artificially created network only for getting ranking.
This type of links confuses to search engine crawlers. I clearly here how links farms/link wheel confused to search engine crawlers.
  If search engine crawler crawl the website A, then crawler website B, after then website C, and then after website D and again crawl website A. This process is continuing.  In this way these sites pass links juices to each other and confused to search Engine spiders

Content Scrapping
Scrapping the content is an back hat seo techniques, in which scrapping the content of other sites that’s are familiar with search engine.

Buying Expired Domain
Buying expired high authority domain which are already reputed and setup  301 redirect them to other sites to gain reputation

Meta Tag Stuffing
Meta tag stuffing is similar to Keyword stuffing but the difference is that the keywords are stuffed in “title” and “Description” Meta tags of website. It has been in ineffective since 2005.

Link Spam
 Link Spam is a way of getting backlinks for website using automotive software.

Link Network
Many of SEO’s run their private network for link building. Means they have a few number of high authority sites network also known as Private Blog network. With the help of Link network they easily create high authority do follow links.

Logo Submission sites List

Logo Submission sites List
Logo Submission sites list offered by Does SEO. A logo is the online/ offline identity of any Business or brand. In past most of SEO’s not prefer logo submission technique for link Building. Logo submission now used as the link building techniques. Logo is an unique
Logo submission is an easy Process for getting authority backlinks.

I will put together here the some Logo Submission sites list.

You can easily submit logo in these sites and also get some quality backlinks. and these backlinks definitely help to rank in SERP.

Best Free SEO Analysis Tools

Does SEO provide the best Free SEO tools. There are lots of SEO Tools are online. But everyone wants the best SEO Tools for particular tasks. For right analysis of website for SEO you will need to know about which tool is perfect. Some tools are browser install tools and some access through online.
Best FREE SEO Tools

Top 100 Free Local Business Listing Sites List

Top Free Local Business Listing Sites List is offered by Does SEO. Listing your business information on these FREE Business Listing sites and these sites increase online exposure and reach to potential customers in local Area.
These Business Listing sites, also known as Local SEO Citations sites, are one of the most important key ranking factors of major search Engine for rank in any local Search Ranking Result. If you want to rank in the Local search Result then necessary to have a business listed on these local citation sites.
Business listing sites also drive traffic to your website. Your business visibility increases in the local area which you target and definitely get new customers.
Local Business Listing sites List

Top URL Shorteners sites List

The URL shortener sites list is offered by Does SEO India. We provide top and ethical URL shorten sites list. URL shorten will helps to get short URL of webpage.
URL shorten is a Technique on the world wide web, in which a uniform resource locator (URL) is Short URL provides 301 Permanent Redirect. Mostly shorted URL is used in Social Media Promotions like Twitter, Facebook.

I will put together here the top URL Shortener Sites List here.

S. No. URL Shortener Sites
1 bitly.com
2 goo.gl
3 ow.ly
4 tiny.cc
5 tinyurl.com
6 bit.do
7 tr.im
8 bc.vc
9 snurl.com
10 hec.su
11 is.gd
12 yep.it
13 snipurl.com
14 doiop.com
15 x.co
16 burl.be
17 moourl.com
18 nutshellurl.com
19 url.ie
20 vurl.com
21 v.gd
22 vzturl.com
23 qr.net
24 1url.com

Benefits of URL Shortener

Shorten Links are manageable
As all of we know that if the URL is descriptive and also have keywords, then it will help to get rank in Search Engines. Due to this URL are long. With the help of below example, you can easily understand that Shorted URL are manageable.
Short URL are easily memorable and most of URL shortener sites provide keyword add option in short URL. Twitter have 140 character limit so if the URL is long then how you can describe Tweet or Reply with a link?

Less Ban Chances
If you post sites link/URL in social media (Twitter, Facebook) then the chances of ban are more because you will post one URL always and social media sites consider you as a spammer, but when you will post your sites/URL after shorting the URL than the chances of penalization are less.

Analytics Data
URL shortener also provides Analytics data of the URL (No of clicks, Geographical location of clicker etc.)
With all the above benefits of URL Shortener you can easily manage your social media campaign and also track them.

Free Search Engine Submission sites List

Search Engine Submission sites are offered by Does SEO India. Search Engine Submission sites are beneficial in Search Engine Optimization.  If you want to crawl and index your site faster in Search Engine than Search Engine Submission sites will help you.

We provide the source of Free search Engine submission sites.you will submit your website to over 40 popular and most used search engine.

Search Engine Submission is an easy way to crawl your sites by many searches Engines.

Top High PR Press Release Submission sites List 2015

High PR Press Release Submission sites list provide by Does SEO. Press Release submission is one of the best contextual backlinks creation method .
After release of Google Penguin and Panda update most of SEO’s, Bloggers think that, the Press Release is dead and it have not effective now in SEO due to this reason they all not consider Press Release in SEO Link Building task.
Press Release Submission sites list 2015

Coupon Submission sites List 2015

Are You looking for instant approved Coupon submission sites. Does SEO Provide best Coupon submission sites list .
With the help of coupon submission sites you can promote your Business , service locally and Internationally in easy way.
Keep in mind that not all of these coupon submission sites will accept nor are they required to except your coupon submissions. Many of these coupon submission sites will accept affiliate coupons but some of them do not.
Coupon submission is natural and easy way to get some high Authority backlinks . and these sites also drives traffic
Coupon Submission Sites List 2015

High PR Social Bookmarking sites List 2015

Are you looking for High Authority and High PR Social Bookmarking sites List. Does SEO Provide the High PR Social Bookmarking sites list . With the help of Social sites anyone can get authority backlinks in easy way.

Social Bookmarking are online sites for Bookmarking or save any video, article , images, website or web page.
Social Bookmarking sites  pass  the link Juice (Link Juice means pass domain authority, Page Rank, Page Authority ) Some Social Bookmarking sites provide do follow and some provide no follow Backlinks as well as drive traffic to bookmarked sites.
Social Bookmarking submission sites List 2015

Benefits of Social Bookmarking:
1.       Index website or web Page Faster  if website is bookmarked on high authority SBM sites.
2.       If website have  poor navigation due to this user can’t reach to inner pages. So if the webpage is  bookmarked then it will be easily reachable to audience .
3.       Voting facilities also available on SBM sites if a website get number of votes more than the websites quality also increases.
4      Social Bookmarking categorization will better helps to search engine address searcher intent

 I will put together the here the 473 Social Bookmarking sites list here. In this list some of social bookmarking sites are very popular and also have high authority
Here are the list of High PR Social Bookmarking sites List 2015

High PR Audio sharing sites List 2015

Audio sharing sites list offered by Does SEO. We provide the High Authority and huge traffic Audio sharing sites for Link building.
High Authority Audio sharing sites list

Audio sharing is one of the best way to represent or explain your business. Also, you can get the high authority Backlinks through Audio sharing.
Before Audio share you would to create a good and clear voice Audio file.
There are lots of resources for creating audio files.

High PR Directory Submission sites List 2015

High PR Directory Submission sites List offered by Does SEO. Get the list of Directory Submission sites which have high authority, index and genuine.
Before providing the list. I have explained here, why the directory submission important in terms of SEO.
Directory Submission is counted as old and basic Link Building Technique. With the help of directory submission you can get Do follow as well as high quality backlinks.

High PR Directory Submission sites List
Directory submission is a process of listing, submit your website to different directories sites or databases under the appropriate category or sub category. Always submits your website in the most related and appropriate category to get the full advantage of directory submission.

Directory submission sites helps in getting ranking in SERP and also for link diversity.
Directory submission will be done through three types Paid, Free, and reciprocal.
WE will only do Free directory submission

Free USA Top Classified Ads posting sites list 2015

Free Classified Ads in USA with Does SEO India. Get the list of US Top classifieds submission sites. Marketing and Advertising your online ads  for different  fields like Automobile, jobs, rentals, services, real estate,  products  and many more. With the help of Top US Classified Sites List, you would be easily target the large number of people to whom Requirement of these services or products. We offer the USA Top 100 Classifieds Site for advertising your products, Brand and services in all over the USA.

Classified Sites help to promote small as well as large business. With these Top High Authority USA Classified Sites List you can also create high PR and High Authority backlinks that will helps in improve your site Position in search engine results pages.

Top Most Popular Image Sharing sites list 2015

Image Sharing is another best way for create High PR Do follow links. Photo Sharing is Technique is easy and simple.
Image sharing is almost same as PDF Document sharing, which are already explained  in the previous post: High PR PDF Document sharing website list
Image Sharing is an excellent way for SEO. SEO is all about making sure that you use your targeted keywords often all through your page and site, and pictures give a chance to you to do only that.

Having great and attractive images that are appropriately titled and description will bring you additional traffic just from the image search alone. If someone Search your Keywords on Google   and one of your photo comes up, that will bring them to your website.
Top Most Popular Image sharing sites list

Top high PR PDF Document sharing sites 2015

Submitting PDF files to PDF document sharing websites is also another Link Building Techniques of SEO. In terms of Search Engine Optimization, you can create Do-Follow links through PDF Sharing. You can also share document with your friends or family members.
PDF  Submission sites can help you drive targeted traffic to your site and also boost  .

 High PR PDF Submission and document sharing site not only establishes your brand name in this new digital publishing also positive ranking signals to Google  to understand your website is trust able . PDF sharing sites are the awesome Online marketing resources for any online link building campaigns.
Top High PR PDF Document Sharing sites list

Top High PR Do follow Video Submission sites List 2015

Video submission is the another best Link Building Techniques for getting High PR Do follow links . Video Submission link Building technique is very simple. Video submission is count in best high PR Do follow link building Technique Due to these reasons:
Video sites have High Page Rank due to their Brand name and Popularity like YouTube, Daily motion  etc…. in short we can say that the video submission backlinks are beneficial to getting rank in search Engine.
video submission offers a best  way of bringing in huge site traffic and also helps to building your reputation
Top High PR Video Sharing Sites List

Here are the Top High PR Video Submission sites list 2015 :
Steps for Video submission
1.       Collect images and content of your website
2.       Create video with the help of any online video creator sites like animoto  .
3.       After creation of video put your website Links and description .
4.       Publish the video
5.       Share the video on social sites

S. No. Website       Page Rank       Alexa Rank
1 flickr.com 9 141
2 blogspot.com 9 21
3 vimeo.com 9 174
4 youtube.com 9 3
5 linkedin.com 9 14
6 pinterest.com 9 40
7 vk.com 9 22
8 dailymotion.com 8 89
9 tumblr.com 8 43
10 reddit.com 8 33
11 myspace.com 8 1956
12 gamefront.com 8 19797
13 myspace.com 8 N/A
14 ustream.tv 8 1771
15 tv.com 8 1896
16 photobucket.com 7 400
17 animoto.com 7 9587
18 blip.tv 7 17896
19 video.aol.com 7 158
20 video.yahoo.com 7 5
21 collegehumor.com 7 2044
22 fark.com 7 3551
23 funnyordie.com 7 3975
24 getmiro.com 7 214991
25 ning.com 7 1485
26 teachertube.com 7 55344
27 viddler.com 7 56337
28 netflix.com 7 54
29 screen.yahoo.com 7 5
30 hulu.com 7 329
31 hi5.com 6 2061
32 veoh.com 6 5754
33 archive.org 6 242
34 godtube.com 6 22187
35 break.com/ 6 2414
36 expertvillage.com 6 19296748
37 metacafe.com 6 3868
38 4shared.com 6 413
39 blinkx.com 6 38369
40 break.com 6 2414
41 brightcove.com 6 8911
42 buzznet.com 6 11653
43 tinypic.com 6 1614
44 twitch.tv 6 152
45 crackle.com 6 6251
46 viewster.com 6 30005
47 is.rediff.com 6 338
48 vzaar.com 5 38450
49 wistia.com 5 5910
50 brainshark.com 5 15620
51 stupidvideos.com 5 66056
52 video.google.com 5 1
53 expotv.com 5 186559
54 jibjab.com 5 10183
55 liveleak.com 5 754
56 videos.oneindia.in 5 63810
57 bofunk.com 4 195110
58 indiavideo.org 4 286964
59 uploadingit.com 3 63203
60 vidmax.com 3 19170
61 vube.com 3 68880

In these way you can easily get the video submission backlinks through our Top video submission sites list

High PR Do Follow and No follow Profile Creation sites list 2015

High PR Profile Creation Sites List 2015 are exceptionally helpful for enhance your site Ranking and  visibility . Profile Creation Sites are the most ideal method for getting do follow and pertinent no take after backlinks, As do follow and nofollow both are vital for right site Ranking improvement.

Steps for create High authority Profile Links creation

1. First of all open the Profile creation site on browser
2. Find the Sign Up option ,fill up the info and click on create account
3. After Signup if verify option show then verify the account through email
4. Now go to edit profile account
5. Now find the website option and fill your website URL there.
6. at last click on Done/Submit.
Now its Done and you will get High PR, PA, DA Profile Links
High Authority Profile Creation sites

What is the Difference between Manual and Algorithm Penalty of Google ?

We all know that  Google used two types of  Penalties  .

Algorithms penalty and second one is manual penalty.
I have cover in this article   the difference between manual and algorithm penalty.
Manual and Algorithms Penalty

1. Algorithm Penalty:

Website or web Page Penalize by Penguin or Panda algorithms of Google  is called algorithm Penalty.
There are  lots of reason of penalization . Google Penguin algorithms works for  link profile and Google Panda algorithms  works for Quality content  .   these algorithms are automatically evaluate your website and link profile both.

2.  Manual Penalty:

 When the website or web page is penalized manually  through authorized person or employee of Google.  He or she will review your link profile and website both. so it was  called manual penalty.
If Google found some devious  techniques that you used for rank better of website then  you have chances to penalization.                     



Here are some most use able tools for Search engine optimization

1. Meta Tag Analyser

2. Alt Tag checker

3. Keyword Position checker

4. Plagiarism checker  

5. Article rewrite

6. Backlink Checker

7. SEO Report

8. Duplicate contant checker

9. Keyword Suggestion 

10. Google Alert

11.  Keyword [Search Engine Based]