20 Black Hat SEO Techniques that you should avoid

Black Hat SEO is defined as the unethical tactics and techniques that are used to get higher search ranking. In other words the technique does not follow the Google Algorithms guidelines are known as Back Hat SEO.

Black hat SEO Techniques, encapsulated by spamdexing, entail manipulating how search engines perceive the relevance of a Web page in a way that is often inconsistent with the search engines' guidelines. Hidden text, cloaking, and blog comment spam are examples of black hat SEO.
By using black hat techniques, manipulating how search engine consider these sites are relevant to search queries. Cloaking, Keyword stuffing, hidden text, spammy backlinks are some Black Hat SEO techniques.
20 Black Hat SEO Techniques

20 Black hat Techniques and tactics to Avoid
Keywords StuffingKeyword stuffing is an unethical most popular on page black hat search Engine optimization technique.  It consists of overloading the content of a certain web page with keywords to make it more valuable for search engine spiders.
Keyword Stuffing Example

Cloaking is the technique by which it is possible to display two different pages to visitors and to Search Engine crawlers. Cloaking pages are does not appear to human beings.

SEO Coaking Technique

Hidden Text
 Hidden text is textual content which visitor doesn’t see .but still readable by search Engine crawlers. Major of search Engine consider hidden text as spam.
Hidden Text created by two ways-
•    Making text or links that the same color as the background of the website
•    Creating an image as the text and setting that image as the background image.
Hidden Text

 Doorway Pages/ Gateway Pages
Doorway pages or gateway pages are web pages that are created for spamming the index of a search Engine by inserting result for particular phrase with the purpose of sending the visitors to different pages.
These pages also know as bridge pages, jump pages, Gateway pages, entry pages. Doorway Pages are redirect visitors to different pages without their knowledge by using javascripts and redirect.

Doorway Pages/ gateway Pages
Paid Links
 Purchase the links for increase the popularity and ranking is also comes under the black hat SEO. Buy directory, sponsored links are some paid links examples.

Link Wheel
A link wheel is any group of websites that all hyperlinks to every other site in the group. Link wheel is also known as link farming.  In other words we can say that link farm is a network of few of number of websites that link each other. Link farm is an artificially created network only for getting ranking.
This type of links confuses to search engine crawlers. I clearly here how links farms/link wheel confused to search engine crawlers.
  If search engine crawler crawl the website A, then crawler website B, after then website C, and then after website D and again crawl website A. This process is continuing.  In this way these sites pass links juices to each other and confused to search Engine spiders

Content Scrapping
Scrapping the content is an back hat seo techniques, in which scrapping the content of other sites that’s are familiar with search engine.

Buying Expired Domain
Buying expired high authority domain which are already reputed and setup  301 redirect them to other sites to gain reputation

Meta Tag Stuffing
Meta tag stuffing is similar to Keyword stuffing but the difference is that the keywords are stuffed in “title” and “Description” Meta tags of website. It has been in ineffective since 2005.

Link Spam
 Link Spam is a way of getting backlinks for website using automotive software.

Link Network
Many of SEO’s run their private network for link building. Means they have a few number of high authority sites network also known as Private Blog network. With the help of Link network they easily create high authority do follow links.

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